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Molly is a deeply intuitive change management consultant and executive coach with over two decades of experience. She is an Integral Development Coach™, systems change practitioner, and leadership facilitator with a track record of tackling some of the world’s most complex challenges. She is passionate about enhancing leadership, learning, and development in social enterprises, social justice initiatives, education, health equity and climate change-focused organizations.

At Adaptive Change Advisors (ACA), Molly designs and delivers Adaptive Leadership workshops, retreats, and hybrid (online) programs to diverse cohorts of social change leaders, democratizing leadership by sharing access to mission-driven Adaptive Leadership tools and systems-change approaches. She is also co-lead of the Adaptive Coaching business pillar, providing targeted 1:1 accompaniment to social change actors, deepening their capacity to self-reflect in service of driving lasting impact and systems-change outcomes.

Molly’s extensive experience also includes business development, fundraising, and operations management roles in various regions, including India and New York. She is highly regarded for her expertise in organizational design, leadership development, and values-based performance management. Her work has resulted in improved employee satisfaction ratings, increased retention rates, and higher investment in talent and leadership development. With her proven track record of generating alignment of purpose and skills, Molly is sought after by clients looking to drive lasting impact and systems-change outcomes.

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