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Level 3 - Self-guided course

Have you ever struggled with a problem that would not go away? The solutions may often seem obvious, such as the need for a new technology, an expert capability, a different process or better communication. Yet when you try to move forward, you face unexpected resistance to these seemingly obvious fixes, or else the problem stubbornly persists. You may be facing an adaptive challenge for which there is not an easy answer.

This introductory course helps you to identify and make progress on a leadership challenge. You’ll apply the tools and techniques of Adaptive Leadership, a practical framework for leading consequential change that was developed at Harvard Kennedy School. Adaptive Leadership is particularly called for during times of transition, uncertainty and immense possibility.


What you will learn                                                   

  • The root cause of a stubborn and recurring challenge in your work
  • How to partner and build alliances with key stakeholders, including those in positions of authority or power
  • How to build your own capacity to lead change
  • How to navigate environments with trust issues, political sensitivities, resistance, conflict and distress



We offer this course on a “gift pricing” basis. YOU choose the course fee…any amount that feels right to you given:

  • Your financial means
  • Your anticipation of value
  • Similar courses on the market
  • What represents a gesture of commitment
  • Your desire to support our continued work


What is the right amount for you? Something that represents a commitment to fully engaging this course. Or you might have an amount in mind that, perhaps inexplicably, feels right to you: fair, clean, and honest. If later on you discover that you paid too much or too little, you can adjust it at any time, to an amount that it is commensurate with your feeling of gratitude (or disappointment), and desire to support us to make more learning journeys in the future. If your financial means are limited, then you can choose a token amount or even zero. That makes the course accessible to everyone.

In case you feel uncomfortable about paying zero, know that we hold no negative judgement about that. We welcome everyone regardless of ability to pay. Regardless of the amount you choose, you will have the same privileges and access to content as everyone else. We are not trying to draw you in to upsell you into a “premium program.” 

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