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Introduction to
Adaptive Leadership

June 2024 Workshop

Level 1 Workshop

As the premier Adaptive Leadership offering outside of Harvard University, this workshop lays out basic concepts of Adaptive Leadership (TM). Adaptive Leadership is a practical framework developed at Harvard for leading change, particularly during times of transition, uncertainty and immense possibility.

Leading any form of change initiative is complex. You need to work across organizational boundaries, build partnerships, deal with conflict and overcome differences in values, visions and desired outcomes.  Plus you need to have a thick skin!

  • Experienced leader, practitioner or facilitator working with a purpose-led agenda in or across organizations
  • Currently or expect to be leading an organization or initiative that is likely to challenge prevailing and entrenched values and beliefs
  • Keen to strengthen your effectiveness and personal resilience as a leader

Is there a tough and seemingly intractable problem you face in your work or civic life?

Bring a specific project, initiative or leadership challenge to the workshop. Learn how to get unstuck by applying the tools and techniques of Adaptive Leadership, which is a critical skillset for anyone looking to drive systemic change in an increasingly complex world.

Organizations who have attended

Are you ready to lead change?

Practice Adaptive Leadership skills
in real-time

 Foster productive group dynamics within teams and organizations, identify patterns and roles within a system, leverage tension and navigate conflict in a group

Connect with other accomplished leadership professionals

Learn from professionals familiar with the Adaptive Leadership framework and join a global community of practitioners.

Develop the capacity to think adaptively

Gain coaching skills to encourage people to disrupt patterns and create change. Get real-time feedback from peers and ACA master practitioners.

What we’ll explore

Drawing on years of sharp-end experience in the field, the workshop builds your professional and personal capacity to: lead in complex, political, ambiguous environments; manage the personal risks and pressures of leadership; build vibrant alliances for cross-border collaboration; and design strategies for generating change.

  • Build capacity for leveraging authority and power within and across diverse groups
  • Heighten awareness to the intricate dynamics of human systems
  • Deepen insight into issues of trust, political sensitivities, resistance and tolerance for change, conflict and distress
  • Strengthen ability to lead adaptively in multi-stakeholder environments and change initiatives
  • Create a confidential space for reflection, exploration and advice on personal risk-taking and learning
  • Understand the root cause of a stubborn and recurring challenge in your organization, team, or community
  • Partner with those who are in position of authority or power
  • Leverage your own power for change
  • Design an experiment that strengthens your ability to create lasting change
  • Learn to lead adaptively in environments with trust issues, political sensitivities, resistance, conflict, and distress

Our impact

You’re part of

something bigger

By joining this workshop, you’re also a member of Gather, our overarching online space for community and coursework. Gather members hail from around the world and from different backgrounds – all dedicated in their own unique way to the exercise of democratizing leadership.


The workshop takes place over four intensive 1/2 days . After the workshop, participants become members of the Gather community of leadership practitioners worldwide, and receive 12 months of ongoing communication and support. 

(Eastern Time – New York City)

  • June 20:  Noon – 4:00pm
  • June 21: 8:00am – Noon
  • June 24: Noon – 4:00pm
  • June 25: 8:00am – Noon


Location: Virtual, synchronous and asynchronous via Zoom

Workshop fees

$500 deposit is required to hold your seat. This helps us to minimize last-minute cancellations. After completing the workshop, you can adjust the actual amount you pay (+ or -) after the program. No pressure and no judgement if you pay less than the market rate, or pay nothing at all.  

Standard market rates: 

– $2,500; Corporate and large-sized NPO 

– $1,500; Government and small-sized NPO

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Seats for this workshop are limited

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