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What is the Meta Retreat?

An intentional journey that will deepen your capacity to lead meaningful change in times of transition and untold possibility. 

A week of leadership insight, natural beauty, and leadership questing at Menla, the “Tibet of the Catskills” and favorite retreat center of the Dalai Lama.

The Meta Retreat is designed as a kind of metaphorical, or literal, pilgrimage culminating in a 5-day experiential gathering hosted by Eric Martin at the sublimely beautiful Menla…an architecturally splendid facility in the Catskills.

Before arriving at Menla, you receive high-touch executive coaching and structured guidance for deep self-reflection. This will help clarify your intention for the retreat and your professional or personal transition. 

You’re also welcome to join seven optional, monthly virtual gatherings tailored for each stage of the journey. These are intimate conversations cultivated over many years by a community of leadership, change practitioners, and other people living and leading on the cutting edge of possibility.

Why the Meta Retreat?

Are you feeling a call to:

  • Transition to a new path in your professional or personal life?
  • Take the next courageous step toward that breakthrough your heart knows is possible?
  • Deepen your sense of belonging and purpose?
  • Discover, or rediscover, your unique gifts?

We will experience and explore questions of personal leadership and growth that go well above and beyond the typical retreat. The pilgrimage involves not only a journey to a place of great antiquity and beauty. It’s an internal procession through thresholds of experience every person goes through toward any hard-won leadership edge.

What to Expect

Short talks and curated experiences in the morning by leadership and change experts serve as a foundation for the day’s conversation and self-guided activities, followed by shorter intimate evening dialogues. You may go through moments of intense emotion, inspiration, or epiphany, but do not expect an intense didactive workout. 

The flow of our time together will be easeful and free of judgment. There will be plenty of time to choose from a variety of activities in support of well-being: yoga, swimming, longevity teachings, interpretive walks, oyster bbqs, morning rows and, most importantly, time for contemplation.


September 3 arrival and check-in at Menla in the Catskills followed by an Evening Session 7-10pm. Tuesday through Thursday follow a rhythm and cadence of: 8am-10pm Morning Session, lunch and then plenty of open space for personal integration, self-directed activities (above), conversations and sessions hosted by other participants, sunsets and deep stillness. Evening Sessions culminate each day starting shortly after dinner. The final Morning Session on September 8 is followed by departure from Menla.

Who’s Coming

The “Meta” Retreat is open to all edge-walkers. People who exercise leadership on the edge, who abide in the outposts of normality, and glimpse something exciting beyond the horizon. Retreat-goers include, but are not limited to, people who’ve previously participated in workshops, retreats, and other gatherings hosted by Adaptive Change Advisors and the Democratizing Leadership Initiative.


Fees are all-inclusive of program participation and three daily gourmet meals. Fees do not include airfare, transportation to/from Menla, or extra-curricular activities. US $2,000 – $5,000, depending on accommodation preference. Gift pricing available.

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