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Continuous change is normal. ACA has leadership training opportunities available on demand and when you need them.

ACA offers the foremost Adaptive Leadership workshops in the world outside of Harvard University. Regional workshops in New York, Washington DC, London, Nairobi, Mumbai and Tokyo are co-hosted with local partners. 

Upcoming public workshops

Level 1 - Live Course (June 2024)

Introduction to Adaptive Leadership

This blended workshop lays out basic concepts of Adaptive Leadership (TM). Adaptive Leadership is a practical framework developed at Harvard University for leading change, particularly during times of uncertainty or when there are no easy answers. This is the premier Adaptive Leadership offering outside of Harvard.

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Level 2 - Self Guided course ​

Discover Your Leadership Moment

A Self-guided. Prepare yourself to lead consequential change. The purpose of this self-guided Discover Your Leadership Moment course is to prepare you for the inner work of leading change. However, with a bit of creativity – and a bit of courage – you can also use the course materials to engage your team in your ‘outer’ work of learning change.

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Level 3 - Self Guided Course

Leverage Your Leadership Moment

Is there a tough and seemingly intractable problem you face in your work or civic life? 

Leading any form of change initiative is complex. You need to work across organizational boundaries, build partnerships, deal with conflict and overcome differences in values, visions and desired outcomes.  Plus you need to have a thick skin!

Drawing on years of sharp-end experience in the field, the workshop builds your professional and personal capacity to: lead in complex, political, ambiguous environments; manage the personal risks and pressures of leadership; build vibrant alliances for cross-border collaboration; and design strategies for generating change. You are invited to bring a specific project, initiative or leadership challenge to work on during our time together.

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Level 4

Adaptive Leadership™ Certification & Train-The-Trainer

The need for effective leadership facilitation is increasing as our global community and organizational challenges get more complex, less certain and simply harder to manage. “Facilitation” in these contexts often extends beyond simple training facilitation to holding—and even leading—competing stakeholders through a process of creative disequilibrium to undergo a deep experiential learning process. 

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Personal Leadership Deep Dive

"Meta" Retreat

An intentional journey that will deepen your capacity to lead meaningful change in times of transition and untold possibility. 

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