Pioneers in Adaptive Leadership

Nqo works at the intersection of climate innovation, regenerative systems, finance, biodiversity conservation, clean energy, and public health. With his expertise and network, he spearheads transformative change that centres the voices of marginalized communities. As a seasoned impact investor, facilitator, trainer, and speaker on leadership and change, Nqo has been instrumental in assisting communities and their partners in finding sustainable solutions to complex adaptive problems prevalent in regions across the global south.


His efforts extend to building leadership capacity in public entities, corporations, technology organizations, startups, sustainability-focused institutions, and multilateral bodies, enabling the maximum impact of development investments. His comprehensive understanding of the interdependencies among social, environmental, and economic factors serves as a guiding compass for organizations, leading them toward a future that embraces inclusivity and equity in decision-making processes. By promoting the involvement and perspectives of marginalized communities, he fosters a more just and balanced approach to shaping our collective trajectory. An approach he calls Ubuntu.