Pioneers in Adaptive Leadership

Mari is a Swedish-Korean New Yorker who has facilitated purposeful processes globally for over 15 years. Her work began with co-creating community-building workshops with homeless individuals in New York City and leadership development workshops with young women running for office in rural Cambodia. From there she spent four years catalyzing a global urban resilience movement with 100 Resilient Cities, a program pioneered by the Rockefeller Foundation, where she began her adaptive leadership journey. She has since joined the Adaptive Change Advisors team, founded Tidal Change, and led a global transformation journey at Hyper Island in Stockholm.

Mari has facilitated groups and coached leaders wrestling with adaptive challenges in boardrooms, recovery spaces, government agencies, unconventional learning spaces, and at the United Nations. In her various roles, Mari brings her whole self to bear to support people in unlocking clarity of purpose and courageous action when leading consequential change. Mari is an ICF Professional Coach, a certified Adaptive Leadership Facilitator, and a certified practitioner of the Swedish Defense University’s methods in Understanding Groups and Leadership. She holds a Master of Public Administration with specializations in international nonprofit management and public policy, and a Bachelor in social justice and leadership from New York University.

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