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Adaptive Leadership

Discover Your Leadership Moment

Level 2 - Self-guided course

Why Lead at All

These past few years are the latest of many events, big and small, that have revealed deep structural and systemic issues in our society. From equity issues to people’s loss of trust in institutions. The need for a different approach to leadership is evident. 

Developing a new kind of leadership starts with a deeper look at ourselves. We created this course with this in mind. We suggest viewing it as an introduction…a precursor, a preparation even…for other courses and experiences in your leadership development. 

Before tackling the adaptive challenges “out there” in our organizations or in our communities, we engage first with the challenges “in here”. That is, the challenges, assumptions, and blind spots within ourselves. 

Leadership is not a spectator sport. Nor will this course be. This is not a technical course about problem-solving, checklists, or easy answers. It’s a course about you. To help you discover your own leadership potential and capacity for freedom.

As a course participant, you’ll: 

  • Learn how to recognize your own leadership moments
  • Better articulate your purpose
  • Learn to distinguish between leadership and authority
  • Let go of old patterns you may be stuck in.

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